Our team at PropXchange is built with an array of talent such as real estate agents, brokers, blockchain professionals and legal teams. We are Canada’s first company to offer these services on a national level.

This pilot project has been planned with layers of development to advance our real estate industry so it can grow and evolve with our changing economy.

Our company shares ownership with a national real estate brokerage in Canada so that we can offer a unique selling proposition which can include accepting digital assets as a form of payment for our customers properties.

Beyond these methods that we are using to incubate new marketing and selling features on a global scale, we are planning and testing new layers of our business to include transactions which will be performed strictly with blockchain technology and smart contracts.

We are also connected with digital exchanges that will be featuring the option to share fractional ownership of properties which will provide liquidity to the most valuable assets on the planet, the worlds properties.

Please contact us for more information about working with us, purchasing or selling properties. We appreciate the opportunity to work with everyone who is developing and using digital assets in this amazing time of this economic and technological revolution.